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Redesigning Indonesia

Rifky Setya - Indonesia Travel Photography
Rifky Setya - Indonesia Travel Photography & Blog

Describe various destination points within Indonesia and served in a different perspective to be designated for independent traveler and photographer.

Each destination will be detailed for its unique view - provided with a simple guidance how and why to get there. It is expected that the readers may find out a true potential of respective destination.


Ijen Crater
Versi Bahasa

Explore Ijen Crater: Discover Blue Fire



  • How to get there and Get Around

  • Explore blue fire

  • Explore sunrise view at Ijen

  • Etc ~

Discover Rinjani

Discover Mt. Rinjani - The 2nd Highest Volcano in Indonesia


  • Sembalun

  • Pelawangan Sembalun

  • Rinjani Summit

  • Segara Anak Lake (Hotsprings, Goa Susu)

  • Pelawangan Senaru

Explore West Sumatra in 5 Days


  • Padang

  • Bungus &  Island Hopping (Pamutusan, Marak, Sikuai & Pagang Island)

  • Bukittinggi

  • Harau Valley

  • Pagaruyung Palace

  • Sianok Canyon

  • Rafflesia Arnoldii at Batang Palupuh

  • Maninjau Lake

Visit West Sumatra

Discover Derawan Archipelago - True Definition of Tropical Escape


  • Derawan Island

  • Sangalaki Island

  • Kakaban Island (Stingless Jellyfish Lake)

  • Maratua Island

Trip to Derawan
Explore Labuan Cermin

Trip to Biduk-Biduk - A Peek to Labuan Cermin


  • Biduk-Biduk

  • Labuan Cermin

  • Teluk Sulaiman

  • Teluk Subang

  • Kaniungan Island

  • Sigendis Mangrove Forest

Explore & Sail Komodo - The Journey to the Old World


  • Labuan Bajo

  • Kanawa Island

  • Island of 9

  • Gili Lawa Darat

  • Komodo Island

  • Pink Beach

  • Padar Island

  • Rinca Island

  • Kelor Island

Trip to Komodo
Bromo Photography

Bromo National Park: Guide for Photographer


  • Best photography spot: Penanjakan 2

  • Tele-Hunting from Bromo Crater Peak

  • Bromo Desert & Savanna (Pasir Berbisik & Bukit Teletubbies)

  • Tips: The most affordable way to roam at Bromo

Explore Madakaripura


  • How to Get There and Get Around

  • Stuffs to Bring

  • Etc ~

Trip to Madakaripura
Tumpak Sewu

Explore Lumajang: Tumpak Sewu Waterfalls



  • How to get there and Get Around

  • Tumpak Sewu Waterfalls

  • Goa Tetes

  • Etc ~

Explore Jember: Papuma


  • How to Get There and Get Around

  • Photography Reference

  • Etc ~

Explore Papuma
Versi Bahasa

Explore Pacitan


  • Klayar Beach

  • Banyutibo Beach

  • Etc ~

Klayar Beach
Tangkahan Trip
Versi Bahasa

Explore Tangkahan: Elephant Sanctuary



  • How to get there and Get Around

  • Elephant Bathing

  • Jungle Trekking & River Tubing

  • Etc ~

Versi Bahasa

Explore Kei Island of Maluku


  • Ngurbloat (Pasir Panjang) Beach

  • Hawang Cave

  • Ohoidertawun Beach

Explore Kei
Wooden Hut

Traveler's Notes

Travelers Note

Good things happen in life. And most of those things happen during traveling.

A true intention of my campaign, to explain why men should travel. This category also consists of my random thoughts, stories or anything!

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The Art of Traveling Slow
Quick Photo Post Processing Using Action
Histogram Explained: 3 Camera Features to Capture Like a PRO
You Are What You Eat
Traveling is Not That Fun

The easiest and the simplest thing to do to lead a healthy life

Story of The Sea

A story of typical human nature while facing a great storm during a voyage on the sea. A wisdom which lies only on the Ocean.

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Why Traveling

A thought of why men shall travel & how can it feel so exeptional.

My Instagram project to upload at least 1 image on each day, till I collect 500 posts in my gallery.

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