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Tumpak Sewu

Explore Lumajang

One of Indonesia Mightiest Falls is Revealed

East Java's Hidden Treasure

Yes, it is still quite hidden

Tumpak Sewu Waterfalls

When the first time I saw this waterfall photo in Instagram, I scheduled my trip immediately and proceed to go on the next available occasion. I just knew it that this waterfalls is simply exceptional. Then finally, what I found there is just beyond my expectation. Huge and pristine, and because I was visiting that waterfalls during weekdays morning, so I was the only one there standing alone - amazed by its mighty appearance. Nature is on its best pose.

Get There

This destination is basically part of my East Java expedition, so as soon as I completed my visit to Bromo & Madakaripura, I headed to Bayuangga bus station and get any bus to Banyuwangi which will pass Lumajang.

The trip was around 90 minutes (50++km) before finally I reached Minak Koncar bus station at Lumajang. It was actually my first time there at Lumajang at that time - and to be honest, I don't have any clue regarding which bus to use to transfer me to Tumpak Sewu waterfalls.

Upon arriving there, some locals advised me to take another bus which is directed to Dampit. I need to wait around 30 minutes before the bus finally came. Then as soon as I was seated, I asked the driver to take me to Tumpak Sewu waterfalls and he told me that I would be notified when we reached Pronojiwo.

Tumpak Sewu Lumajang

Basically there are at least 3 available ways to get to this falls which are via Sidomulyo, Goa Tetes & Malang. But I think the easiest alternative if you go there from Lumajang would be via Sidomulyo as the gate entrance can be clearly spotted from the main street. Below is the summary for what it takes to reach this location from Probolinggo:

Tumpak Sewu Gate via Sidomulyo

Tumpak Sewu Gate Entrance via Sidomulyo, Pronojiwo

Bus from Probolinggo (Bayuangga bus station) to Lumajang (Minak Koncar bus station):

IDR 10k-20k (basically any bus heading to Jember or Banyuwangi will pass by Lumajang)

50++ km trip distance reached in around 90 minutes


Bus from Minak Koncar (Lumajang) to Dampit:

IDR 20k-30k (stop at Tumpak Sewu Waterfalls gate entrance in Sidomulyo village, Pronojiwo)

50++ km trip distance reached in around 2-3 hours

From the gate entrance, walk inside for another 15 minutes until you find a large parking lot with “Tumpak Sewu” banner around it. There, you can purchase the entrance ticket or find some toilets / warungs before you get down to the falls. Buy mineral water if you don't want to end up like me to drank that river water.

Note: there is no accommodation available around this area. Since I just arrived there around 8PM last time, what I did is just going inside that parking lot and knock the door’s house which is located on its centre - to ask the permission for taking a shelter for one night in front of it. Then it turned out that the house owner allowed me to sleep inside and they even kindly provide me dinner.


Holly Joy! I am pretty sure that it was totally because of my good charm.

Get Around

The entrance gate is opened around 8AM to 3PM and I was the first one who proceeded down to the waterfalls. I am not sure about the exact price but the ticket shall cost you around IDR 10k /pax.

The trekking path is quite exhausting since it does very steep. For most of the trails, you will be walking above the small bamboo staircases and sometimes you need to pass some slippery wet stones and crossing several tiny rivers along the way. Just be careful and ensure that you use a proper trekking sandals or shoes for your own safety. Depend on your speed, the trekking duration would be around 30-45 minutes and perhaps it will be doubled when you ascend.

By the time you hit the river, there will be another ticketing post that ask you for additional IDR 5k/ pax to get to the waterfalls. Wait, did I already buy the ticket on the above? Well, don’t sweat on small money if I were you. Better just pay it and proceed. They said it is because the waterfalls is right located on the boundary between Lumajang and Malang district so each of region wants to claim for the retribution.

You can also get to Goa Tetes by walking around 10 minutes following the river flow away from the waterfalls and purchase another ticket for IDR 5k/pax. That small money is surely worth it as there is a cool pond beneath another falls on that area which is suitable for a deep relaxation - especially before you need to hike that steep hills to return back to the village. The river and its nearby scenery also really represents the nature serenity which I couldn’t love it more.

It is vast, tall, large and long-stretched - or in other word - I can call it gigantic. The river is so clear and fresh plus there are plenty small waterfalls around so you may not need to be afraid to get none of them in case that there are a lot of visitors during your visit.


You can also walk down further close to the biggest falls to experience its mighty force - or - you can climb up a little to the available green hills so you can capture a kind of awesome selfie like what I did on below. No, that’s not me in the photo. You know that I was there alone so what I did is just standing by on a good position - waiting for someone to climb up that hill and take a pose for his selfie shot. And during that exact time, I also capture his pose to be my foreground object ;)

These greenies complex have surely made my day and I hope it will make yours as well. See you on Tumpak Sewu!

Tumpak Sewu

Tumpak Sewu

Selfie at Tumpak Sewu

Selfie at Tumpak Sewu

Toward the Tumpak Sewu Waterfalls

Toward the Tumpak Sewu Waterfalls

Mighty Tumpak Sewu

Mighty Tumpak Sewu

The Waterfalls (Tumpak Sewu)

The Waterfalls (Tumpak Sewu)

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