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Wonders of Beaches

The softest white sand you can imagine

I can say that my trip here is a kind of random one, by which I don't possess any itinerary planned until a day before departure, ticket was booked in very last minute, and I only get 2 days for the whole trip. Well, originally it was my previous intention to spent at least 4 days and 3 nights there, but somehow unexpected things happened and it requires me to return earlier. So I took almost 7 hours++ on the flight from Batam, only to spend 1 night there and came back again for another 6 hours trip. Is it worth? Damn Yeah!! (because it was free :D)

Pantai Pasir Panjang

This is a paradise for a beach lover. If it is only about a white long line of sandy beaches, perhaps you have already been seeing those before, as gratefully, Indonesia is blessed with plenty of them. So, surely it is not about that at all. Then, what’s special about Kei’s beach?


Go to Pasir Panjang (Ngurbloat) Beach and experience its sand there. It is purely white but it is not just about white. The sand is very soft, so damn soft until I would say it is the softest sand that I have never seen before. It is not an exaggeration if I say that the sand on upper part area of the beach (not exactly at the shore line) is just like a flour. I even heard that some international articles declared that Ngurbloat sand has one of the softest sand in Asia. Well, I am not sure about its validity but I totally agree that this kind of sand perhaps is the softest sand in Indonesia.

Tangkahan Elephant

Look at that a real tiny sand I had there. Damn mesmerising!

Get There

It is easy to reach Kei, the problem is - if you are coming from the west part of Indonesia like I do - is the air ticket price. First I should fly to Jakarta, and then head for Ambon, then take another flight to Tual. It costs me around 3-4 million and full half day of journey - for 1 weekend. 


Jakarta - Ambon: Approx IDR 1,300k

Ambon - Langgur: Approx IDR 900k*

* = Ambon - Langgur or vice versa is sometimes heavily occupied. Ensure you reserved your ticket days before as the price can be doubled on the departure date.


Once you are in Tual, I simply grab ojek outside the airport and I picked Ngurbloat as my staying point. You can stay in the city centre if you expect for better hotel. The city is located not too far from tourism point so it is pretty much considerable choice. For my case, since I have only 1 night in Kei so I just straightly go to where I want.

Ojek: Airport to Ngurbloat = IDR 60k

Ngurbloat Sunrise

Get Around - Hawang Cave

This cave is relatively a bit remote from other location and is better to be reached once you are on the way to / from the airport since the distance is only about 20 minutes. However, despite of its remote location, don't you worry about the cleanliness since the local youngster are taking care very well of it. What interesting thing is, depending on your positioning, the pond water can be either green or blue. I was there first time once reached Kei in the late afternoon and took the pictures from the upside - resulting a nice blue colours on the pond. By the next morning, just before I get to the airport for my departure, I changed to another perspective by getting into the water and heading to the corner side, and somehow the colours turn to green.

During that time also I acknowledged a fact that it is the youngster around the area who are taking care this destination spot. By the morning, around 8 guys are busy to clean up the area, cut the bushes and collect the garbages within the  complex. Afterwards they were taking a bath and divide their shift schedule for who is going to stay on the entrance post for ticketing, and who can have an off-shift to relieve his friends later on. Some of them even will go to school, and come back to work once school hours are finished. It is very interesting to know about this system by which has established a mutual benefit for the kids - so they can have some earnings, as well as for the Hawang Cave - to be kept clean and enjoyful for a visit.

Ngurbloat Sunrise

Situated about 45 minutes from the airport and cost me around IDR 60k, this is the beach which I talked about on the prelude. Plenty of homestays are available here so I don't need to worry at all for running out of place to stay. Local shop is also available nearby and basically your homestay owner can provide you some foods as well if you request for it. Basically, the beach facility is quite established here so any basic things you need can be easily found around.

Pantai Pasir Panjang

Once arrived, I looked down to the beach, take out my shoes, and walk upon the sand to prove the validity of such articles I found in google. Then I would just smile, grab a little of that tiny sand, and said “damn awesome!” As I said before, it is on the upper part of the beach, the area by which is always dry and is not hit by the waves, that has the softest surface compared to other. The shore line is also quite long and large, make this beach becomes one of the best beach I visited so far. Surely it beats Sangalaki Beach which before was in my very top list of Indonesia best beach.

I went there again in the morning for sunrise looks and surprisingly, I was the only one - standing on the that white desert and feels like I am owning the beach for myself. Access is easy, place is amazing, accommodation is completed - nothing else I could expect from Ngurbloat.

Another exceptional beach which you will find at nowhere else in Indonesia. Well, it is not about such soft sand like at Ngurbloat because the sand itself is about the same like any other beaches. You will note what is different about Ohoidertawun once you look at the photo below.


Around 15-20 minutes from Ngurbloat by motorbike, this beach has a massive shore line and perhaps, during the low tide, it will be one of the widest beach in Indonesia. I was a bit late this time because the beach was already completely dry due to the low tide. Just wondering if I got there a bit earlier - when there is still seawater left on the shore -  I would imagine the view will be pretty much like Salar de Uyuni. Let's go there again someday to prove this hypothesis

I am a bit sad for this brief visit and wish if I had more days to spend with there. It was a long and pricey journey and sadly I could only spend a weekend on that magnificent island. There are still other places and beaches which are well known in Kei such as Ngurvatur and several islands nearby. I think 4 days 3 night will be the most reasonable window if you intend to know deeper about Kei while exploring numerous perspective on each destination spot. Anyway, this short visit simply injected me a different colour of Indonesia by which a beauty of nature can be this unique.



  • Ojek Chartered (Airport - Hawang Cave for 1 hour - Ngurbloat beach): IDR 110k

  • Lunch / Dinner: IDR 25 - 35k

  • Homestay: IDR 250k / night

  • Entrance Fee around IDR 5k - 10k

  • Ojek Chartered (Ngurbloat - Ohoidertawun - Hawang - Airport): IDR 140k


  • Ojek was chartered around half day. You are surely can get this lower as I did not bargain much during that time.

  • Try to minimize your movement during Sunday morning (at least till 11AM) as most of the locals are going for praying in the churches. The reason is because some roads will be blocked if the churches are within that area and it is considered disrespectful if you are crossing that road with your vehicle.

Ohoidertawun Beach

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