Redesigning Indonesia


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No, i'm not a musician.

I can't play any single music instrument at all.

I am not born on music-related family.

I don't understand any music theory, nor I have been taking any music education as well.

But I do love music, and this track would be my first Intense Jazz track that I have written.

Funk Rock fusion with Trap?

Good think about writing your own music is, you can make any kind of genre fusion as you like - no matter how weird it is.

Because, this is your music anyway and you rule yourself!

Wanna have a look on how weird the fusion is? Check link below~

Indonesian music cover in a completely different arrangement?

These were pop musics, but then I re-arrange it in completely different colour by using orchestral instruments such as harp, grand piano, brass ensemble - and any other kind of instruments that I even never see it before in real life.

Well, imagination does bring you somewhere~

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