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Hi There!

Besides photography, I'm also a hobbyist music producer - currently based in Perth, Australia.

Why a hobbyist?

Nothing wrong with a hobbyist ey? I mean, with a stable daily office job, I'm still able to release new original track every month.

And a good thing about hobby is, without having any commercial attachment to my craft, I'm pretty much obtaining full freedom to write whatever track that I want to write~

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Chill electronic music for your Isolated Summer

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Tell me about your music!

A total random

But it's not actually that random though.

The genre may vary, but there is a subtle similar style in every releases.

It is a dance track - but made mostly from various organic instrument's VST. Just call it an alternative pop.

Electronic funk style with a hard-slapped bass!

What you expect from your music?

I simply enjoy the process of making music.

You know, it feels great to put your thoughts into a lyric, or collaborating with artists from all over the world - or finding out a total strangers that enjoy your music.

It's fun, and that's all I expect.

my after-office hours, my weekends, all my spare time - are dedicated to bring a sound out of my imagination - into something that I can enjoy to listen. If you do enjoying it as well, that's a bonus!


Acoustic guitar, in electronic music?

Did I say that I release a new music every month?

That's true! You should know how fun it is to create your own music.

And a good thing of being an indie musician is, you can release whatever music that suits your character, or even your mood. That's why it is always damn fun!

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