Redesigning Indonesia


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No, i'm not a musician.

I can't play any single music instrument at all.

I am not born on music-related family.

I don't understand any music theory, nor I have been taking any music education as well.

But I do love music, and this track would be my first Intense Jazz track that I have written.

Release on this 20th Dec and be the first to check this out on the link below!

Funk Rock fusion with Trap?

Good think about writing your own music is, you can make any kind of genre fusion as you like - no matter how weird it is.

Because, this is your music anyway and you rule yourself!

Wanna have a look on how weird the fusion is? Check link below~

Indonesian music cover in a completely different arrangement?

These were pop musics, but then I re-arrange it in completely different colour by using orchestral instruments such as harp, grand piano, brass ensemble - and any other kind of instruments that I even never see it before in real life.

Well, imagination does bring you somewhere~

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