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Redesigning Indonesia

Rifky Setya - Indonesia Travel Photography


Projec500 is my Instagram-based project to upload 1 photo each day, everyday, for the next 500 days onwards. It is dedicated to show how beautiful Indonesia is and how exciting traveling can be.

There is no special reason why I launch this project. It is true that I would like to share the beauty of Indonesia through my lenses to anybody - as much as possible. But why 500? why Instagram? Well, to be honest I dont have a specific idea for that one but perhaps below explanation can work as an excuse :)


Why 500? 500 is just suddenly appear in my mind and I choose it as the amount I aimed with couple of reasons; first, 500 days are surely a long way to go. You see, it is more than  a year from now. I don't know whether I possess a good self-discipline to keep my commitment by doing it constantly everyday. I don't even have 500 pics at the moment, means that I need to keep adding my image stocks as the time flows. This is a challenge and it thrills me up and down.

Indonesia Travel Photography | My Instagram

Why Instagram? Well, I created my Instagram ID a couple years back but I never use it again since then. It just recently when I think it should be great to share my photos via a biggest image-based social media platform available. I found a lot of travellers, bloggers & photographers have been sharing their awesome captures by using this soc-med and that's really inspired me a lot. So I ressurected my Instagram ID in a hope to get more inspiration from other popular travellers whilst I can also upload mine because happiness is to share.


Just cut the crap, this Project500 is internally created only to get my life more interesting by making a challenge to face and a target to aim. I just want to embed a new habit through my routine activity that I knew it will give me a true achievement when I accomplished it later on. Why? Because traveling and photography are my passions and only by thinking of this long process ahead, it already given me an excitement boost from inside. I think you should do the same for anything that you love to do, just create an aim and a challenge only for yourself. For its fulfillment will make you realize how good you are.

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Follow my long journey ahead by visiting @rifkysetya in Instagram or simply click icon below. Wish me luck !

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