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Redesigning Indonesia

Rifky Setya - Indonesia Travel Photography

Experience to dress in Minang's traditional clothes, choose your desired background and bring your portrait home.

This is a traditional house of Minang people & you may find it almost whenever you travel in West Sumatra. Pagaruyung Palace - its biggest display of minang's building - is opened for visitors & you need to see how stunning it is.

Mentawai Island is a world destination for surfing enthusiast. There should be a reason why it gets such tremendous popularity.

The road is less traveled, the beach is empty, the sight is remarkable. What is most important, it is all available in one spot.

It's a largest individual flower on earth. Amazed? Why don't you take a look by yourself, in a depth of rainforest.

It's a bull races and it's full of splashes. You wouldn't miss it if you are a photographer.

This is the main attraction! What would be better to taste Nasi Padang except from its homeland? Huh, I am hungry already.

Harau Falls

Reasons why you need to spend at least 5 out of 20,000++ days in your life 

there. Why it is different.



Arrive at Padang

Arrive at Padang

Padang Angkot (photo is credited to Kompasiana)

You may only find this kind of luxurious angkot only in West Sumatra region. Beware of its sound system !

Malin Kundang Beach
Padang Angkot

Can you notice that the stone is like a statue of man in prostration? People believes that it is Malin Kundang, a man who is petrified after insulting his mother.

Malin Kundang Beach

Heading to Bungus

Why Here : Homeland of  Nasi Padang

Then stay for 1 night

Estimated budget, transportation & accommodation info + contact are available on the last page.

It is correct that West Sumatra is not as popular as other destinations such as Java, Bali & Nusa Tenggara. But wait, actually that is even the best part - a whole new world exploration does thrilling. You only need to trade 5 days of your life to see its remarkable diversity. It's simply exceptional!

5 Days in West Sumatra

Harau Valley,

A top destination of Payakumbuh Regency. 

Rumah Gadang

Rafflesia Arnoldii
Minang's Portrait
Pagaruyung Palace

Dress like a princess ! 

Surfing !!

Landscapes - Hills, Valleys, Canyons, Falls, Rice Fields..

Well, you name it



Pacu Jawi
Nasi Padang

Pacu Jawi

above photo is credited to

Nasi Padang !!!

this photo is credited to wikipedia

There are some decent places which are nice to visit if you have some spare times in Padang. The museum, beaches and any other tourist points are fine and quite interesting. However, they are just good in my opinion. And if I need to make a decision, I prefer to save my time to enjoy other unique destinations in West Sumatra rather than to stay longer in Padang. If you do only have a couple of hours to spend, I suggest that you go around just for culinary walks. You can try 'Martabak Kubang Hayuda' or if you like to taste an original Nasi Padang, let's get going to 'Lamun Ombak' or 'Sari Raso'. If you are crazy about durian, then you must visit 'Ganti nan Lamo'.

If you reach West Sumatra by plane, then you are only around 30 minutes from Padang, the capital city of West Sumatra. You can actually stay there either for the first or the last night in West Sumatra since it is the closest city you can expect from Minangkabau Airport. And if you do staying in Padang, make sure that you use 'Angkot' for your transportation. Trust me, it's kick-ass.

Central Padang

After complete your day there, then you can choose whether you want to go south - to get wet & island hopping, or you head north for enjoying its landscapes. In this article, I will start from the south considering that the airport is just north of Padang, make it closer to you once you set your way back for leaving later on.

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