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Rifky Setya - Indonesia Travel Photography
Bungus Beach




It's time to get wet! You may choose your preference from island hopping, snorekling, camping on remote island or surfing. All is made possible here.


You have reached Bungus a day before and I'd recommend you to stay here for 1 night to get rest. Local hotels are available in various choices thanks to its long shore line. In this particular case, I will not point out about Mentawai island since I haven't got any chance yet to be there. But you may refer to this link if you require for more info. 

Get Wet at Pamutusan

Bungus : A port town which provides the only access to reach Mentawai and any other small archipelago nearby. 


The basic packages offered are either a day-trip island hopping or 2D1N trip by staying in Pamutusan Island. Trips are including the meal (seafood + coconut!). Other type of packages are also possible if requested. Contact the hotel owner for arranging your tour.

Get Wet, while Sunset
Sunrise Color
Set Boat

Departing just before noon time, we headed to Pamutusan while passing by several small islands along the way. We landed there after 1 hour trip then the guides starting to set our tents & preparing the lunch. Yes, you can actually get wet now or just have a relax in your own so-called private island.

Actually, if you plan to spend your day in a remote island, then don't think too much about activity. Understand that some of us are prone to boredom, they even are afraid to be bored. But this is your holiday and you suppose to take your time lightly. Too much things to accomplish, especially in holiday, will just kill your inner peace. Because rush is a part of city society. Do we go for holiday so we can leave that habit behind?

Snorekling, swimming or perhaps fishing, are a sure thing for ocean tours. Take selfie and make sure you share it if you think it will boost your mood and happiness. Open a conversation with your crush or bring  your favourite books and read it while you experiencing the ocean breeze. You can do the simplest thing by listening to the music and take a nap in a shore hut. Whatever you do, just don't be rush in your holiday. Relax!

If you wish to have a better facility & service during the night, you may choose to stay at resort in Pagang or Sikuai. Just communicate what you need to the tour provider.



Morning has arisen. We took our breakfast then we moved our way to visit Marak, the most interesting island so far compared to nearby spots, in terms of beach and underwater park. After around 30 minutes sailing, our boat's anchor is dropped and we arrived already in this dreamy land. The coral is great and the beach line is damn massive!! The most exciting part is, it is empty. If you are such a beach lover, this island will give you the best environment that you can expect.


I was also informed that this uninhabited island is also part of a rehabilitation place of black gibbons, even though this is not officially open for public. I wonder that perhaps it is better to camp here so you will have sufficient time to explore wholly. Certainly, I will be here again on my next visit. It is just so quiet and serene.

Islander of Marak

Marak Island

Marak : This crystal clear beach provides you a great sight if you wish to take some snorkeling gears on. A shallow coral reefs and abundant fishes are always found nearby.

A View from Marak
Marak Beach

We brought some shells to our camp as we grilled it for lunch. Then we packed our stuffs to set our way back to shore. Meanwhile, we were passing by other islands such as Sikuai and Pasumpahan, which are typical to each other. The shore line is quite big and its white sand is awarding. However, my favourite choice is still Marak. It is a real gem concealed by nowhere.

Lunch !

To Bukittinggi

By using (if the time permits) or chartering a local 'angkot', we drove back to Padang then dropped at the shuttle bus station to Bukittinggi. While leaving Bungus, ensure that you pay more attention to the sight around. Driving through a highway on top of the cliffs with a view of beaches at your left side. Trust me, it is super awesome! Once in the shuttle bus, occassionally we need around 2-3 hours to Bukittinggi depending on traffic condition. Get to a local hotel there then we were glad to close our day.

You should camp or at least, visit Marak. It's exceptional & quiet

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