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to our body

Do you know that:

  • 1 large movie-popcorn equals to 2ea of McD BigMac in terms of calories and saturated fat.

  • Add with one large cup of soft-drink and voila! You have reached your 1 day's worth of calorie.

I hit a random button and here I am now, writing a random article

It is not only woman that needs attention, your body does too.

It has been around several weeks since I regularly record my daily calorie intake in my not-so-smart phone. The purpose? Basically I just want to discipline myself on my dietary as well as to maintain my body weight. It is fun actually either to know how much calorie you eat for each meals, or to get insight about the amount of nutrition that you have gathered for one whole day. For me, it is just like to have a side mission that you need to accomplish everyday, in every food & beverage which you consume.



For your information, I use myfitnesspal apps to do the record. Well, I didn't mean to do any kind of advertising here but although the data may not be 100% accurate, this free application has done the job very well. For sure there is any other application that you may use as well depends on what you need.



Long story short, just yesterday, I bumped myself when I exceeded the daily amount's limit of calorie & some nutritions. The excess is quite signifficant and it did surprise me a bit since *ehem*, I always meet my daily goals before.

Meal's Record

*some meals are better to be sensored ;)

Exceeding 1k of calories is a lot, considering as well for the excess of fat + saturated fat & cholesterol which are not presented on above figure. You may just said, "Cmon, it is only 1k of calories and again, for 1 day only."



But another thing that surprised me is Because I never realize if I really consume that huge amount of calories in my snacks. I totally have no idea if such snacks have that enormous calories. It is just like.. a snack.. a beverage..



And okay, it may only happen for one day because I recorded it so I knew it happens. Then how if I didn't record it? How if I don't know about this and keep repeating it for let's say 4 days in a week - during one year - or maybe for the rest of my life. Because we love to have snacks right?



You are indeed what you eat and if I let this happen continually without any effort to control it - as I previously always do before I regularly make this kind of record - then I just simply kill my own self slowly, so slow until the effect will start to hit the surface for the first time maybe at the age of thirties? Then continue on until the malady grows bigger (and fatter..) on the age of forties maybe? And finally it will beg for our attention (and usually they will succeed) once we hit fifties. Just name any illness that you know and you will find out that the majority of those are caused by what you think and what you eat.


Ah, but don't worry mate, I have signed for life insurance :)


It is correct that illness still can strike at anytime to anyone. But at least by maintaining a good diet, we can reduce the chance to get struck. When talk about health, don't burden your mind with a so-called compulsion of tiring excercises or vegetarian diet if you are not ready yet. Making a meals record is the easiest and the simplest way to lead a healthier life. The record can also remind you for which nutrition you are currently short of so you can plan accordingly for your next meals or perhaps to encounter it by taking a multivitamin.



Remember that one can only control of which is written down.



Sometimes it is funny to see that we wish (or even pray) to have a long and healthy life, but in fact we are reluctant and not doing anything that is required to get such 'healthy life'. Without action, wish is just a wish. Our body and all the organs within are indeed powerful. All those excessive calories, cholesterol, fat, sugar and etc are basically not an issue at all for our body. But it is not for every single day.



Don't let your body fight alone. They need your attention - your care - so both of you can live a healthful life. It is not only concerning of the excessive calories that will get you fat, it is also about cholesterol, sugar or maybe lack of several vitamins or nutrition that your body eagerly needs such as calcium, fiber, etc. Note down your meals just for the greater good of your priceless organs.



Or maybe you just want to simply say "Good Luck" to your body, hope everything will be allright and then just blame it someday in the future when the diseases are coming? 

Fair enough then.

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