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Rinjani Summit,

After spending hours of hiking through an exhausting path, there comes a summit.

A moment of joy, A pride of self. 

Itinerary, estimated budget & contact details  are available on the last        page

Reveal The Signature Moment of Indonesia

for your short escape in term of Everything !

It's not simply a Journey to reach the summit,

Rinjani Sunrise
Segara Anak
Night Camp
Pelawangan Sembalun
Rinjani Hotspring
Panoramic Senaru

it's all about the nature's beauty, showcased in a single trip

Breathetaking view at all over the spots. The best available choice

you never been hiking before, then you shall start it as this will become your life-changing experience



you are afraid of hiking, then you shall even do it as they said you ought to do at least one thing that you are afraid of to make life more exciting

Hiking is tiring & exhausting. But as your self-conquest is accomplished, its memory will never fade away

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