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Morning arises. a 50 years old-looked man comes, using flip-flops, thin with dark skin tones, he smiles upon me and asking for my luggage. Yes, my guide tell me that he is our porter. People calls him Amaq or father. He said, despite of his appearance, he is one of the strongest one. I can't argue with that since he himself taking care a luggage around 20kg, in his age, and he still committed to take a fasting. Without any food or drink, he starts his 6-7 hours trekking ahead of us so he can prepare our provision and tent before our arrival. He does really made me amazed.

Rinjani Porter,

Barefooted, or sometimes by having flipflops, the porters start their trekking while lodging stuffs around 20-25kg on their shoulders.

to Pelawangan sembalun

By reaching pelawangan, I sat quietly with my camera pointing out to the distance, wondering for the miracle it conceives. I was observing a new transformation of happy and satisfied faces of men, while an hour ago they were still filled with empty and exhaust expression, struggling for one step of ascent. Pelawangan Sembalun, even though without any of special gift it provides, has given them a hope and a smile. 

Only by seeing it from afar, moreover to step in on its land, the hikers would fall deeply in joy, as they understand that this land will promise them a good dinner, a beauty of sight and a comfortable rest. A miracle of Pelawangan Sembalun, which is there but actually not there. Because Pelawangan Sembalun never gives that promise himself, we craft that promise ourselves within our own mind. 

Pelawangan Sembalun

Pelawangan Sembalun

As the sun leaves her role, all the travellers are gathered just to say thanks for all the light & warmth that she has bestowed upon us. It is only during this kind of journey that we can remember how mighty the nature is.

Camp at Pelawangan

Camp at Pelawangan

At least, we have accomplished the journey for today. As the tent is erected, by the food is served with a great delicacy, the nature is dancing with its brilliant colour & serenity.

There are no shortcuts to any place worth going - beverly sills

Through the short steps I made, I stop to embrace my surroundings. The green atmosphere it provides is simply relaxing. A lengthy & steep hills welcome us as we proceed deeper to the mountain core. However, there comes the prize, its sublimity now is less and less concealed. Covered by the mist, the nature tries to teach us how insignificant human is. A tiny existence who walks over a great land of Rinjani, mending feet by feet, gathering every breath only so if we are lucky enough, we can claim this small portion of wisdom for granted - a basic lesson of humility & appreciation. 

Rinjani Peak


This steep long hill is the last obstacle that the hiker shall encounter before reaching Pelawangan Sembalun. The trail is exhausting, but as soon as I knew that Pelawangan is ahead, somehow my spirit is boosted & I feel like re-energized. Great! But that is just a feeling, in fact, I am still tired ;D


After saying thanks and good bye to my new family, both of us depart through the gate of Sembalun route. We passed a vast grass land, with hills colouring the background, perpetuated by a blue color of freedom above it. The mighty summit of Rinjani peeks from the altitude, monitoring his tiny guests while providing a true guidance afar. We walk in silence, rhymed only by our breath and steps when we behold a wonder of nature, a gem that I long to achieve, a lifetime adventure within my memory.

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