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Awaken at 3AM in the morning, I stood aside my tent to mesmerise the beauty of this scene covered by the night light. A several cities around the mountain are well lit by the night lamps of their residences. Illuminated by the stars, I can feel that the whole Lombok is on a deep sleep, lost in its contemplation. By the other side of the hill, without any light to contaminate my view, a true color of Segara Anak is boasting itself.


During that time, I look closely at my surroundings, to this simple appearances of hills which exist everyday, which is always been here perhaps since thousands years ago - when it started to formed. By then I was simply asking myself, is it a kind of moment that I always want to achieve? A set of life that I always dream of? When you can get up in the middle of the night, without worrying at all what time you need to wake up in the morning. A moment when I can really focus at the place where I stand now - at my present - to scrutinise every sight before my eyes, to say thank you & bestow my gratitude for having today. 

Night at Rinjani
Highland Trees
Rinjani Lake

I'm in awe, Amadeus !

Pelawangan Senaru

a view that you can't deny

'What the f*ck' Moment,


Pelawangan Senaru, this camping ground is situated on the most top of Senaru trails, the end destination of those who started their ascent from Senaru. This is the spot that will provide you a WTF moment, a moment where no matter what you think and talk about, no matter how tired you are after the long hike, you will stop, amazed and surprised when you witness the beauty & sublimity of the nature scene it provides - then you couldn't avoid to say “WTF”. This is a conclusion that I captured after observing several hikers during the first time they arrived there. They are all exhausted, pale and hungry. But as soon as they stepped in there, their expression is all about the same; stopped & amazed.


They were smiling and seems forgetting about their hardship for getting there. The air is fresh and comfortably cold, providing a relaxing breeze through their tire. The lake looks calm & serene. Even only by looking at its smooth blue color, it immediately washes away all worries & complaints that were collected during the hike. And with a majestic volcano as its centre, lit by the soft purple of sunrise echoes, when the nature poses, shows us - a tiny guests from afar - its sublimity, then I'd scream; "I am in Awe, Amadeus !!"

This great feeling may only happen for awhile, but it is good enough for me to take its lesson and close my journey in this brilliant adventure. I went back to Senaru gateways in the next morning. Challenge myself, I try to break my own limit by descending as fast as possible, while in other days before, I always find that descending is always far worse for me then to ascend.

You are what you focus to, and back then, I was focusing to surprise myself, ending up successfully to be one of the earliest to reach Senaru gate that day. Well, it was not a really big achievement actually, but it is a declaration that one more time, I managed to conquer my own self.

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