Rinjani Porter

Rinjani Trekking Route


Sembalun is a home for men & kids who are living along with the mountain. They rely their lifes solely to the mountain, as its fertile soil produces their food, its springs refill their ponds & the hills provide shelter for their family. Rinjani also becomes their money-maker as most of the local residents are living as a porter or guide. They do expecting that the clear skies are roaming around so the travelers may always come to climb its summit. While during the windy & rainy season, they can only depend their earnings on farming which its results are not promising.


Arriving there around 11AM, I befriended with a local guide who was please to take me around the village. Our initial intention was actually to go to the market, to get some supplies for our next couple of days' trip. Then suddenly it ended up for us to go to the corner of the village for some awesome sights which make 1 day spent in Sembalun is worth to be added into your Rinjani package agenda.