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Why Traveling?

a traveler's note series

When our reality demands various needs of fulfillment which requires more time and money, why we shall also consider to go traveling and see it as our basic need? Is it really necessary and worth the effort?

Everybody seems to agree that traveling is the one thing that they always treasure. They boast about it. Wrote it down on their social media profile in a way that happiness is such a bless. Share the photos they took and they keep talking about it for weeks. You may try to ask about their experiences in a particular destination that they have visited and you can see that they will tell you all the stories with an excited tone. If the effect is so intense, it is right to assume that people basically loves to travel. However due to a factor so-called 'reality', most of us try to resist this desire and bury it deep inside. They consider it as a tertiary needs and don't feel like it is a necessary thing to spend with, makes them never be able to taste the happiness and wisdom which are lied in traveling. They fool themeselves when they try to seek justification for not going on journey. They do not know that basically human needs to travel, for their own sake.


I experience life while moving. That is my motto since traveling is part of my deepest passion. I feel like traveling is such a magic of my true happiness. That makes sense because it seems that I could get a total freedom during traveling, continue living without any pressure within my internal self which usually appears back on my society life. While traveling, my concentration is on present, on the path that I am taking on that very moment. I appreciate my time even more and be grateful for this. I don't bother at all to worry about the past and future since my present is damn exciting. That's when I can forget all my troubles, take life easily and obtain a plenty time to know more about myself. Yes, I become a thinker during that serene moment. For sure that a new environment, people and moment that you embrace during the journey will bring you a cheerful day since they are truly remarkable. You don't need to worry about anything because the days are for you and that is what should happen to you. You own the whole 24 hours, solely yours.


In my opinion, traveling is such a basic human needs. Our ancestors are used to constantly on moving for living. The richest businessmen back hundred years ago are they who have visited so many places around the globe to collect and trade goods along the way. An advance nation or kingdom is marked by how far they have succeed their expedition. The wisest are also appeared from them who have spent more than half of their ages on traveling. I would like to say also that what we love when we were kids are what naturally human loves to because they are honest and so pristine.


Am I correct to say that all children love to travel? When we were kids, did we feel excited when our parents bring us around the town? I still remember that I became so happy when I opened my car and sit inside to go somewhere. Children love to ride bicycle because that is when they could afford traveling by themeselves. We love to go to Grandma's house because all of those new scenery and environment. Kids love to see a 



Rinca | A Long Way From Home  Situated in NTT region, this island is popular for its beautiful landscapes which is dwelled by Komodo dragon.

new place and that's when they start to raise a question because curiosity that appear from new place around. We start to question it and by getting the answers (from our parents perhaps), kids start to learn. By traveling, we open our mind for a new thing and we learn from that.


Surely, there is a treasure in other part of the world which is awaited to be opened. There is a part of your family, which is wanted to be visited. There are moments, experiences, figures, that can make you forget your own personal tragedy. There is a wisdom and knowledge, in every new path you took which can improve your quality of life. Travel itself is not always about holiday, having leisure in a good hotel, take photo of new places, or hang out with friends that you already knew. It is the traveling process which matter at most. It is when you break your comfort zone, go to the unknown, meet new faces and beat the challenges along the way. Then the destination itself is a prize.


Time & Budget Constraint

Some might say that traveling can be so delightful because it is done during holidays. They challenged it by saying, it is the holiday itself that can make you free from pressure or any frustation related to the work hours, not the traveling. Others will state that traveling can also cost you more headache especially when it is done since everybody knows that it is not cheap. All the transport, foods and accommodation - that can charge you almost a month of your salary. Like a drugs, the pleasant feeling is only occured when it is happening, while the side effects will strike once you get back again to your reality.

Well it is fair enough to say that traveling can only be done during holiday or time-off, but this doesn't mean that holiday itself can make your days delightful. It is not rare occassion when you see people who still concentrates on his routine job even though they suppose to be enjoying their leisure. Frustation can also attack them who did not fill up his mind with useful activity during the spare time and traveling is the best available option that we can consider. When you got nothing to do then there will be a high possibility that you will be encountered by worry. Given a fact that there is still a handful of tasks that you need to complete by next Monday, you will feel that the holiday is a cursed since it stops your productivity for getting the job done. If by any case you don't have anything to worry regarding your routine job, it can be predicted that your holiday will be spent by watching TV or movies, gossipping during dinner, get laid on the bed, and any other activity (if I can consider it as activity) which are not worth your time. Certainly you will feel your holiday flies in a blink of an eye since you dont use it wisely.


Traveling budget can always be cut as necessary and it is not that expensive it you spend it well depending on how your traveling style, whether you want to go for a fancy holiday which requires a good services along the way (such as nice hotel, restaurant, etc) or you can drop your expense down by expecting a fair lifestyle. Tidy and clean hostel, nice local food, and take a sharing cost package are already sufficient to gain value in your destination as well as to preserve your available budget for the next trip.  If we could be honest to ourselves and willing to admit that the 

While traveling, my concentration is on present, on the path that I am taking on that very moment. I appreciate my time even more and be grateful for this. I don't bother at all to worry about the past and future since my present is damn exciting. That's when I can forget all my troubles, take life easily and obtain a plenty time to know more about myself.

Why Traveling?

Derawan Sunrise

Derawan | Rise Up  It is when on traveling, that we can really omit ourselves by admiring nature phenomenon like sunrise.

traveling impact is so intense for our experiences, why would we prefer to spend money on materials rather than to pamper our own life, mind and body, by traveling?


Still that you need to spend a good amount of money if you wish to travel well, but the money is worth to spend since you are going to buy experiences, a package of exciting memory that will not be diminished by time. To buy a moment that for sure will enrich your perspective about life and nature. To gain a value of appreciation, gratitude and a sense of pride for reaching a new destination. Is there any other thing that is more valuable than that? Anyway, the main intention is to make your every single days counted. The moment well spent is the moment that will last longer in your memory. This kind of moment can lead to a richer life since you have created a good remembrance for your future.


By traveling well to visit some destinations on regards to mother nature, you may see a vast amount of landscapes consist of hills, rivers, jungles, underwater parks and etc. You will realize that along with your own personal tragedy and worries, we are as human is so insignificant. By beholding a village or town below from top of the hills, you will not notice if human has such a power compared to nature. 


By looking and understanding such mighty, we may see how powerless we are. We are an ant in this tiny world, since the earth itself is nothing compared to the universe. Then, do you think that you are deserved to be selfish? To complain about your own problem and thinking that you did not get a fair attention from the world. What a fantastic values that lie beneath the wonder of nature, and you will never be able to witness it if you stick yourself in the office.


That is the essence of a journey, to see a new place, new people, new custom and any other 'new' things that can broaden up our perspective -  to challenge our own thoughts. Journey is not meant for recreation, it is also to learn. I remember while I was traveling a year ago in a small remote island during rainy season. We were guest of a small and the only resort there, gathered together on that island, doesn't know each other, possessing our personal tragedy, problems and dreams. We were sharing our stories.


Each of us on that island are part of the common society back in our reality. Spending time in office, dialing with irritating people or friends that always want us to do things on their way, catching up the deadline, stuck in a town complexity, complaining and drawn to emptiness. We are trapped on things called lifestyle - shopping, drinking, party then indulge ourselves in hedonic treadmill. Things are always complicated in town and time itself always conspire to make it worse. We are not interested to talk to stranger at all while the plate in our hands is still full. Get straight to the point is a must when trivial chat is considered waste of time. Sunrise means more troubles to come and sunset is defined that the deadline is getting closer. We live but our life is empty. Everything seems so unfriendly and we think only about ourselves. No, we don't think at all, we are programmed by society and we can't escape easily in the name of our own pride.


Back to the small island, while some individuals decided to escape from society. We met and we chat, not about the workloads or deadline, it is about trivial things. Where we are from, what things we've seen, which foods that we love the most, etc. On that moment, we considered that discussing trivial things are delightful and it is not a waste at all. We discussed about what fishes that we encountered during snorekling, check each other camera and then saying goodbye before had a time to judge them. We have been always happy to talk to friendly stranger because our relation is pure. We don't judge them when we don't know their background. We don't try to control them or being controlled if we know that we are going to say goodbye soon.  It is just about two existences, who met and share their sweetest fruit together, without any hidden purpose. I think the purest friendship is when you deal with a friendly stranger because you love them just the way they are.


On that island, we take notice on a small nature changes. We were aware when the sunset is appeared. We woke up early only to witness the sunrise and we did spend hours, telling each other stories beneath the stars. We do aware with the beauty of nature and we are delighted with this kind of environment. We carved in our own memory an impressive experiences that shall not be forgotten. While we were preparing to go to bed, we imagine the next beautiful tomorrow, wondering what good things that will happen in our next destination, what sort of great adventure we may face, what kind of friendly faces we will meet.

Why Traveling?


Kanawa | Shore Bordering Light  A tiny island where we gathered and escape from our society, telling our stories to the friendly strangers that we may never see each other again.

The time is short but those days are long. Take a break from your routine job and be inspired by having a pleasant journey. Your life is waiting out there and the life itself is not only about money and material. Good financial condition can bring you a secure feeling, but be remembered that we have only a couple of years to live on this earth. It is the moment that you need to treasure, a meaning that you need to find out, something which is bigger than yourself. As you might see already that those things are not available in your office desk. Just be noted that in the deathbed, none wish to spend more time at office. A well-spent life is a life that spent in adventure and even though your reality is perhaps not as bad as what I have described on above, don't you dare to take the chance for a richer life?


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