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Pacitan Runaway

Your Exceptional Weekend Gateway

Sunset at Klayar

Another excellent place to sit on over your weekend. Pacitan has been famous for its caves and is called as a thousand caves regency - even though the caves there are not really a thousand I believe. Anyway this region keeps several outstanding beaches with exceptional view and the ocean wave here makes it possible for you to gear up your surfing gears.

Why you shall be here:

  • Its tiny city is quite interesting. Totally surrounded by hills and located right on the seashore, makes a 30 minutes tour is about enough to get a thorough view of Pacitan city.

  • A lot of exceptional beaches view, and my favourite would be Klayar. I think it should be on the list of seascapes photographer enthusiast who may happen to spend sometimes on East Java.

  • Craving to learn surfing? Yes you can!

Get There

Get into Pacitan City is so easy - just like you visit any other city - as there are quite a lot of bus available either you go there from Surabaya or from Solo. you can also pick a shuttle bus service if you demand more comfort on your journey.


Shuttle Service

Surabaya - Pacitan: IDR 140-165k | 6-7 hours - 270km

Jogja - Pacitan: IDR 55-75k | 3 hours - 110km

Solo - Pacitan: IDR 50-60k | 3 hours - 110km



Surabaya - Pacitan: 40-55k

Solo - Pacitan: 25-35k

Pacitan Beach

Get Around

The minus point is - there is no mass transportation that can deliver you right to the one of attractive place in Pacitan. Beaches and caves are located kilometres away from the town so the only available mode for you to go there is by renting a car / motorbike. I haven't tried to get any bike rental directly from Pacitan yet, but I just saw one that perhaps you can give try here. For my own case, I went to Pacitan by renting a car from Yogyakarta as I started my journey from there.

Arya-homestay (+62-813-2838-0948) 

 1. Motorbike rental: IDR 50-70k

 2. Car Rental c/w driver + fuel for 12 hours: IDR 700k

Klayar Beach

Situated around 40km from Pacitan City and you can easily grab your way here using Google Maps. However, please be noted that Google Maps will give you a navigation based on the shortest distance from your current point and that is the tricky part here, especially if you start traveling from Pacitan City, because the Gmaps will give you a direction through alternative route which is quite challenging (steep climb, broken road, narrow access).

So if you start your journey from Pacitan, better to ask any local for an official route that will lead you to Klayar. The official road will be a well maintained one with enough guidance and sufficient access. But if you are traveling from west side (Jogjakarta / Solo), then rest assured because Gmaps will put you correctly to that road.

I love the spread of beach rocks stretching throughout the seashore in Klayar. The view is magnificent and it will be a quite dramatic one for any sunrise/set foreground or even a milkyway one. From the entrance, go further to the left side as you may find a hill that you can easily climb to feel the aerial view of the beach. Around 3/4 PM, there is also an access opened for you to see some kind of water shower.


But the most interesting part is by the time you are climbing that hill, you can see there is another beach which is usually empty - because at least during my last visit there, there is still no sufficient access available to get there. I am not sure about the current condition whether a proper access is already established or not, but even without that, it is quite easy to get to the beach as the access is actually there. Perhaps it is just quite concealed but still it is extremely possible for you to descend and go there from the hill you are currently standing.


If you plan to stay overnight, you can grab any homestay around but I personally prefer to get my tent up or simply sleep on the beach around. A lot of visitors will come during saturday night so you will not feel alone there.

Banyutibo Beach

Positioned nearby Klayar, the beach is accessible only around 15 minutes distance by car/motorbike. Banyutibo is made well known due to its small waterfalls that direct the flow to the sea. From the entrance, go down further to the left (West) side because there are quite few of other beaches which are more typically emptier. Just watch out for the wave since sometimes, it may grow quite heavy.



Not many destinations that I have made during my last trip there. There are several other beaches like Batu Bolong, or even the famous Goa Gong which made pacitan quite distinctive. If you are happened to be in Jogja, or Solo, getting to pacitan during the weekend is a definitely an awesome choice!

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