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Nature Goes Unreal


Bromo National Park

Mainstream Destination? Another Postcard View?
C’mon mate! It’s either you need to dig up more about Bromo or you simply need to dig up more ;)
In this article, you will find out how pretty Bromo is ~
Bromo Eruption
It really does unreal and I truly mean it! Bromo is not just a bunch of hills and volcanoes, but it consists of several nature beauties - packed compactly within 1 destination. Bromo will serve you right whether you want to witness a god’s  masterpiece as represented as its exceptional scenery, or you just simply expect for a lovely relaxation day on a green highland.
Cemoro Lawang
If you’re a kind of avid nature’s beauty enthusiast - or a landscapes photographer like me - and happened to land on Java, I’d insist to suggest you for having 1 - 2 days visit in Bromo.
Personally, I think it is one of the best view that you can afford on this earth.
Another postcard view? NO! There are various ways to explore your own perspective about Bromo so you can always make your signature moment here.
Below are just a few references of how rich Bromo is, and believe me, the choices are unlimited.

Indonesia’s Best Signature Moment

Bromo Milky Way
By the time you put ‘bromo’ on google, you will easily notice for its unique scenery.
This is perhaps one of the reason why we would like to visit Bromo in the first place. It is truly amazing and I can say that it is one of the Indonesia’s best signature.
Just don’t be afraid if you worry that you will shoot another postcard captures.
Keep on following me in order to get the most out of it.
Desert Walk at Bromo
All the local tour providers, tourists, or simply anyone, will aim themselves to reach Penanjakan 1 to get ‘the best view’ of Bromo.
It could be right since Penanjakan 1 is the highest land that you can afford for viewing that goddamn scenery.  But, it also will turn out bad when there are tons of visitors especially during the weekend or holiday.
That is damn frustrating when the only thing you can see is just another visitors’ back - or - if you are persisted enough to get there early before others - you will end up to shoot another postcard view of Bromo with an exact branches / trees location on your foreground.
Penanjakan 1 is simply too mainstream.
So, how about visiting Penanjakan 2?
It is perhaps not the highest one, but still the view is about similar.
This place also can be afforded much cheaper as you don’t need to get either a jeep or pay the entrance ticket as this spot is located on the other way around from Penanjakan 1.
Take a small hike higher to get your own personalised spot there without getting bothered by excessive tourists.


Penanjakan 2 will not give you the same tree’s branches on your foreground.
With a significant lesser visitors here, it is possible for you to explore Bromo in different spots and angles. This place is also perfect for astrophotography as the stars are appeared right on the background of Bromo scene.

Explore your own signature shot by staying outdoor for 1 night to get some star shoots while waiting the sun to rise for another exotic light captures. You can easily find a small trekking path to the upper level of the hills by the time you reach there. Take those hikes and it will end up on Bukit Kingkong, another good & quite place for photography session. However, you can always stop by at anywhere amidst that trekking path and claim it yours.
Don’t worry, the stars; the lights; the sun & the moon; the fogs; the smokes - or any other nature aspects in Bromo - will never be exactly same from day to day. Which means you can easily get an unique shot of Bromo whenever you plan to visit there.
Bromo At Night
Bromo Mountain will always be the next destination after visiting Penanjakan 1.
If you go to Penanjakan 2 instead, you can always arrange yourself to go here by getting an ojek when the morning light appears.
Take a small walk and hike the stairs to get to the craters and you will witness another stunning view of Bromo Desert as represented on above image. Make your zoom lens ready and the hunt session shall begin.

Desert & Savanna

Bromo Desert
It is one of my favourite view in Bromo by which not much people aware of it.
Vast desert, mist and several horsemen would be a killing combination for a great representation of sublime earth. Locals will call it 'Pasir Berbisik' - an extensively large grey sand desert with a beautiful morning fog.
It always take me an hour or so at the top of Bromo crater just to hunt some interesting view using my tele zoom lens.
Take another trip using ojek for visiting its savanna. This is what actually makes me fall in love with Bromo - its diversity. Mountains, hills, serene villages, volcano, crater, desert and savanna - plus its people - all within one place and can be wholly explored in less than 3 hours.
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