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Let's make your Bromo trip completed

When the scenery is Evergreen

Madakaripura Waterfalls

With the distance only about 40 minutes by car/motorbike,  this unique waterfall is surely worth your visit upon completing your journey at Mount. Bromo. Moreover, with a well established road and due to its enhanced popularity nowadays, finding this falls will not be an issue at all.

Get There

If you return from Bromo via Probolinggo, then certainly you will pass this junction to Madakaripura amidst your way to Bayu Angga bus station via Tongas. First of all, there is no mass transportation available to transport you there. So either you rent a motorbike from Bromo or you can simply get an Ojek on the way you are going back to Probolinggo. If you are from Bromo, by the time you reach Sukapura junction, turn left and just keep straight following the direction to Madakaripura. There will be a marking there stating “Madakaripura 5km”. Then it will approximately take you another 17 minutes to reach there. Just keep on that way until there will be no more road and you will find the entrance ticket post.

Madakaripura Black White

Get Around

I am not sure how much is it now but the entrance + parking fee should nt be more than IDR 25k / pax. Park your bike there and just follow the trail to the waterfalls. The path is well established so in my opinion, you will not need any guide service to accompany you there. Without any of them, still you can easily get to the biggest waterfall. If somehow you want to be accompanied or need their assistance to bring your baggage, the fee shall be around IDR 40-50k / group.

What to Bring

Whether you want to swim or not, you will be most likely to get wet there. This is because you need to pass several small waterfalls in order to proceed to the biggest one. So, be prepared to bring this:

  • Spare Clothes.

  • Rain coat will be useful if you don't want to change your clothes. Available at local shops there.

  • Drybag for your gadgets.

  • Raincover for your bag.

Madakaripura Falls

Waterfalls and Ponds. That’s all what you get here. It is huge and the pond within it is just perfect for swimming. Its green scenery also looks refreshing especially when there is not much tourist roam around. Oh ya, better if you arrange your trip not during the weekend, otherwise.. well, you know exactly what happen. This falls is quite popular, and its popularity will invite massive amount of tourists. And when I said massive, it is truly damn massive! :D


Anyway, in my opinion, this is one of the best waterfall in east Java after Tumpak Sewu in Lumajang. And since its location is pretty close with Bromo, it is suggested if you do not miss to get this one as well into your itinerary. Getting something green for your eyes are really worth your while!

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