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How To Get There

Due to its popularity, getting to Bromo is much more easy nowadays. You can find plenty choices of tour providers in the internet that will serve you all the packages within 1 single click. The pick up point can be either from Surabaya or Malang. However, if you want to get for some adventures - or at least to save your budget - you can follow below alternative:

1. Get to the nearest city in either Malang or Surabaya.

2. Surabaya: Get to Bungurasih bus station and then take any bus to Probolinggo (Bayu Angga bus station) for IDR 45k-75k. If you arrive from Juanda airport, take Damri Bus which will transfer you to Bungurasih for IDR 30k.

3. Malang: Get to Arjosari bus station and take any bus to Probolinggo (Bayu Angga bus station) for IDR 18k - 30k.


Once you are in Probolinggo, there are 3 options that you can choose to get you to Bromo. Below alternatives shall be put into consideration depend on condition and what time you have arrived there.

1. Using Elf (minibus).

This will be the most straightforward and popular alternative to get you directly to Cemoro Lawang (highest settlement in Bromo), with below pros and cons:

(+) easy to get.

Just walk straight from Probolinggo bus station (Bayu Angga) and you will find these mini buses park nicely there. Say that you want to go to bromo and wait there for awhile until the departure quota is reached.

(-) 1 trip of this mini bus will require at least IDR 500k. So they usually wait for 15 pax (IDR 35k /pax) before they proceed to Bromo. Of course you can get there with lesser pax to cut the waiting time if you want it, but it will turn out to get you more expensive cost. Basically just try divide IDR 500k to how many pax at that time.

(-) Reaching minimum 15pax quota in low season will be a pain in the ass. Be prepared to wait for 2 - 3 hours and still sometimes, you can only get around 6-8 pax maximum (IDR 60-100k / pax).

(-) the availability of this mini bus is only during 8AM - 4PM. Try to get there as early as possible.

Bromo Desert

2. Using bus.

If somehow you are there during low season (Weekdays on Nov - May) and waiting for 3 hours is not your style. This 2nd alternative will perhaps suit your need. Just ensure that you reach Probolinggo before 1pm.


  • From Bayu Angga bus station, take any angkot (minibus) that will transfer you to Tongas Intersection (IDR 5k). Ask local nearby.

  • At Tongas Intersection, try to ask the local warung (shop) that you’d like to go to Sukapura by bus. Basically you want to get their assistance to point out the bus when it comes. Usually the bus to Sukapura will arrive on Tongas at 8AM, 10AM and 1PM (IDR 10k).

  • From Sukapura, get an ojek to Cemoro Lawang for IDR 35k.

3. Using Ojek.

If you reach probolinggo after 4PM, then you will be most likely to miss either the minibus and bus. So the only available option is by using Ojek from Bayu Angga bus station for IDR 100-120k.


Plenty choices of (very) standard room from IDR 100k - 200k. A decent one can cost you 300-800k.


Where To Go

Bromo Temple

1. Penanjakan 1 - Bromo Crater - Savanna (Bukit Teletubbies) - Desert (Pasir Berbisik)

Jeep: 4-5 pax (IDR 450k for low season and IDR 600k for high season) - exclude the entrance fee.

Ojek / motorbike: IDR 150k - 200k. Exclude the entrance fee.

Don’t worry, if you are interested on this package, you can easily grab this in Cemoro Lawang. Or you just simply ask the guest house owner.

Entrance Fee:
Local: IDR 27.5k
International: IDR 217.5k

Local: IDR 32.5k
International: IDR 317.5k

2. Penanjakan 2

From Cemoro Lawang, you can simply walk for 40 minutes to get here. Or you can get ojek for IDR 75k (2 ways - ask his mobile number to arrange the pick up).

But still, you need to have a small walk to reach this spot.

If you’d like to get to your own exclusive spot in Penanjakan 2, get a small hike to the higher ground since there are still plenty of flat land out there with an open view in which you can enjoy all by yourself.

I guarantee that there will be no obstruction for other tourists!

By the way, if you are going to this spot, you wouldn’t need to pay the entrance fee as the checking counter is located on the other way around.

Plan to have a trip to Bromo Crater and else? call your ojek driver and try to bargain the cost. I think it would end up around IDR 150k all in.

Where to go after Bromo?
Well, you can note a magnificent waterfalls such as Madakaripura and Tumpak Sewu, or simply hang out in a rocky beach at Tanjung Papuma Jember.

But from my personal point of view, the next must visit place in East Java would be Ijen crater.


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