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i just realized that hiking is tiring

Pelawangan Sembalun
Rinjani at Night
Hidden Hot Spring
Segara Anak
Senaru at Night
Morning at Lake
Night Camp at Rinjani
Ultimate Solitude
Mist Summoner
Sembalun Village
Rinjani Porter
Majestic Rinjani
Rinjani Summit
Segara Anak
Journey to Rinjani
Pelawangan Sembalun
Rinjani Hotspring Entrance
Upstream Hot Spring
Kids by the Segara Anak Lake
Watching Sembalun
To Rinjani
Pelawangan Senaru
Panoramic Rinjani
Goa Susu
Enroute to Rinjani Summit
Offering Dance at Segara Anak
Sembalun Kids
Sembalun Mosque
Mt. Barujari
Friendly Chat
Highland Trees
Rinjani Cave Dwellers
Camp at Pelawangan
Alone at Rinjani
Trekking Rinjani Mountain
Sasak Traditional House
Rinjani Summit
Goa Susu

Meet one of the ascetic of Susu Cave, located about 40 minutes walk from Segara Anak. This man is also the one who was fishing & captured by my other photo titled 'Fish for Lunch'. He stated that there are 2 spots inside the cave which are commonly used for meditation. I was only able to stay in the first spot, which the temperature is already high for a comfortable warmth. I couldn't imagine how high the temperature is for the 2nd spot because the water there feels like boiling already.