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Sindoro Highland
Sindoro Summit
Merbabu Agustus
Boko Sunset
Telaga Warna
Contemplation at Prambanan
Boko Temple
Candi Boko
Arjuna Dieng
Brotherhood of Volcanoes
Rain at Boko
Train Miniature
Merbabu Summit
Pos Merbabu
Candi Boko
Merapi Sunrise
Boko Sunset
Green Boko
Borobudur Sunrise
Sindoro Summit
Morning Flight at Borobudur
Ramayana Dance
Green Prambanan Temple
Merbabu Sunrise
Stone Craft
Great Sumbing
Prambanan from Afar
Great Sindoro
Telaga Warna

Dieng's most attractive object. This lake is named Colors Lake since the color of the lake is changed occasionally. Those changes are mainly affected by the high density of Sulfur which is sourced from the lake.