Maratua: Beach Exploration

What to do when you were passing by & somehow spends some night on a typically remote tropical island? Of course to get laid on its beaches! Well, seems like Maratua knows what we need. See the photos on below & you can perceive how the beach line is all covered with a dreamy white sand. I’d also claim that Maratua beaches have the highest clarity compared to others with its beautiful tosca colour that will greet you once you are close to the shore.

I believe that you will never regret to spend some nights on Maratua Paradise Resort since the scenery simply gives you an actual experience on how the tropical beaches shall be. It lives up your expectation & I’d say that your expectation could be higher with its reasonable + relatively affordable price (contact & room price of the resort is combined on the last page). If you opt for not staying in the resort, you basically can still enjoy it too since the beach is not made private. Everyone can simply enjoy it without any additional charge. It is the beach that people of Maratua, lives with, and I am more than happy to be shared with this kind of wonderful experiences even though only for a week.

Crystal clear shoreline with relatively tosca color is the main characteristic of Maratua beaches

Teddy does not wear bikini

She is not my Teddy *but I think she may replace him...

As you arrived at Maratua, I’d assume that your boatmen will transfer you to Teluk Harapan Village, a place of where the resort is. This village seems like acting as a tourism gateway - resulted that various choices of accommodation are available for your consideration. The beach line on this area is large and as I have explained it on above, its beauty is indisputable.


If you have some spare times - (which is of course you have, you are on holiday mode right?) - then you need to know that this island demands of further exploration. Head to the south to either Payung-Payung or Bohe Silian village and you can find another beautiful beaches available for visit. Direct your boat to the east side of the island to reach either Nabucco or Bakungan Islands, which also keep several pristine beaches. However if you are so reluctant to move, then you can just stay there on where you are now at Teluk Harapan because my favourite beach is still on that area.