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Derawan Archipelago

"Once upon a time"

Here we are now,

"Boring Introduction"....

Derawan Archipelago is one of Berau regency which is situated at the most north of East Kalimantan.

On tourism side, there are at least 4 islands in this archipelago that usually attract visitor.

There are Derawan - as the main town of this archipelago, Sangalaki, Kakaban & Maratua.


And there is Maratua, which I personally favour rather than other islands with some valid reasons.


Maratua is the largest island so it makes sense if it provides more alternative of attraction point across its region. The beach is vary with much more pristine condition. The island is also closer to Kakaban & Sangalaki rather than from Derawan - make it as a great spot for your stay. 

Note that there are multiple caves with ponds available through its land & the underwater attraction is simply WOW.


Yes, this island is the best place for diving across the region. If I'll come back here again someday (and for sure I will), perhaps I'll only stay on Maratua. 

Kakaban & Sangalaki

As its main land, it is noted that most of the visitors will be concentrated on Derawan Island due to these 5 factors: 


First, there are more various choices of hotel / homestay - of course with different range of prices too - make this island becomes an excellent choice for either visitors or tour providers while dealing up with their budget. (Hey! look at those bungalows beside, is it too crowded for a 20-minutes-walk-island?)


Second, the electricity is supplied for 24 hours. (Yeay! Hence I can keep charging my phone and stay online all day long! This is the essence of having holiday right, eh?)


Third, Derawan is located only about 15 minutes from nearest Kalimantan land, which is Tanjung Batu. This is the closest island to the main land compared to other, makes every supplies becomes fairly cheaper. (Yeay! ..... well, just yeay :| )

Derawan Aerial

No, I don't own any drone. This image is creditted to my closest friend, and partner, google..

Forth, even though it is only tiny island, however fresh water is abundant here - makes Derawan becomes the most dense island on this regency.

Okay, let's go to the next island! (Hmm, What?! Wait!! You said that there are 5 factors? But this is only 4!! Where is the other one? Hey, answer me!!)



Manta at Sangalaki

Manta at Sangalaki

Maratua Clown Fish

Maratua Clown Fish

Maratua Dive !

Maratua Dive !

Spear Gunner

Spear Gunner

Because the world above the surface is too mainstream

Besides those 2 celebrities, you may also do not want to miss either Sangalaki or Kakaban. I’d like even to say that maybe the real celebrity here is Kakaban - due to its famous stingless jellyfish lake.


Kakaban is the only an uninhabited island among others. There is also Sangalaki, which in my opinion has the most beautiful & largest beach line. The island also serves as national sea-turtles conservation park & was settled by single deluxe resort.


(Excuse me, I saw a picture of Kakaban Island on the right side.. But where is the Sangalaki one?) Hmm, well, as I zoomed in the Sangalaki Island on the google map, it turns out become very blurry one. It doesn't look good for my artistic website, so just go googling it yourself if you really wanna see it. You're welcome :)


Kakaban - See that large lake in the middle? Yes, that is where the stingless jellyfish is living.

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