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Welcome at Biduk-Biduk

What's Special?

  • A super-clear-green-and-blue-lake which is a combination of salt and fresh water, known as Labuan Cermin.
  • An exceptional peaceful atmosphere of Biduk-Biduk & this is not a trash advertisement.

  • Teluk Subang, a journey to 3 waterfalls & the traditional Dayak Tribe rural.

Biduk-Biduk, is that peaceful?


For me, it's so damn peaceful!

For my personal point of view, it does very peaceful. I knew that I have arrived to Biduk-Biduk once I saw something different on the scenery which we were passing by. Groups of tall & thin - leaning coconut trees are waving from each side of the main street, feels as they warmly greet us and said “welcome to the unspoiled community”.


The beach, with its typical white sand is just only several meter on the east side of the road. Then the houses are particularly far from each other with the green grass are ranging in between. Compared to the area, its population is quite scarce, since the village is only available just on each side of the main road. Basically the layout of Biduk-Biduk is pretty simple, there is a main road and the people is settling beside it. That’s all.

Biduk-Biduk Kids

Jump Kids! It's a great day outside!

Beach is vast and untouched. And it is only several seconds walk from any house that you choose to stay in this area. Some has white sand and some of them are consisting of mangroves. The atmosphere is so quiet and I simply love those leaning coconuts, they are so damn awarding.


Don’t worry about homestay or restaurant. They are easy to grab there, even though it's not so varies. There is only a single road so you won’t be lost if you plan for exploring the whole district. One fact that has surprised me during my visit there is when the locals say that they never leave the key on their motorcycle while parking it outside. They said that it is safe there so you don’t need to bother to take the key inside, moreover to put another additional padlock on your motorcycle. Hollymother!



Yes it is correct that the reason I visited Biduk-Biduk is because I want to see Labuan Cermin. But as soon as I sense this kind of atmosphere, I feel like that staying in Biduk-Biduk is much more better rather then my whole experiences on Labuan Cermin. It was great there but the condition on the village is mesmerising especially if you’d like to have a quite escape or simply when you look for some inspirations for the works you are doing.


Just try to stay there without any agenda for few days, believe me that it will serve you a different kind of peaceful feelings! "Okay, that’s enough bro, none will read your article anyway, they just came here to see your photos.. and itineraries.." Yeah I know it :(



Where & what is it?

Well, Biduk-Biduk district is located within Berau regency in East Kalimantan. This district consist... "STOP IT, enough for your boring introduction, I didn’t go to your blog only to read a typical wikipedia article. Cut the crap and just explain me what’s special?" C'mon mate, you should understand that I need to pour some spices so people will see how good I am as a blogger since I can write a lot of words. So let me continue on now with a demography of its people. "Okay, I am leaving your useless blog now, See y…" Wait!! See below what you want!

Labuan Cermin

A kind of Title

Perhaps this is what makes Biduk-Biduk getting famous recently. Mixed by beautiful green & blue color, the lake is consisting of salt water on its bottom, and fresh water for its surface area. Some said that if you’d try to dive around 4-5m to the bottom then you may see a slight differences on the visual between those 2 types of water. I would like to have a try before but due to the condition which is not so suitable for... "C'mon, just admit it that you can’t swim!"


Biduk-biduk is actually not that large, so unless you choose to stay within the deep of rain forest, you may just rent a motorcycle (or bicycle) and head to this lake for not more than 10 minutes. Afterwards, you need to join a boat to get to the lake which is only around 10 minutes as well. More details are available on the last page (page 4).

Labuan Cermin

Look at that sexy color! Woaah..

As soon as you arrive on the location, the first thing that I’d suggest you to do is take selfie, then jump. You can also rent the snorekeling gears or life-vest from the boatman. Since I am a good swimmer so I don’t think I need any of those. "Bullshit! I bet that you are just too afraid to jump so you just stay on the surface & make a justification that you are there only for taking photos.."

Wew, how do you know that?


Anyway, there are also 2ea of small fiber boat that you can use just to go around the lake. I am not sure whether you need to pay some money to use that but perhaps, it will. It is a tourism spot anyway so even a plastic bag will cost you a money. By the way, if you are a good free-diver like me, "yeah, as soon as you leave the surface for free-dive, then you’ll never emerge again. You are very talented free-diver", borrow -or maybe you should rent- a spear gun for fishing.

Labuan Cermin

Look at that sexy color! Woaah.. -Part 2

During that time, my boatman went there with a full equipment of speargun and then directly start his hunting just after a minute we arrived there. He is looked so professional and he is a good swimmer & diver as well. With his exceptional ability, he demonstrated how to aim an agile fishes while keep concentrating on his pace. He packed his stuffs, took the fiber boat then left confidently. I could sense that he was born for this. There is a true definite purpose in his eyes and he marched to the battlefield without any doubt.


Then after around 30 minutes of struggles, he finally came back to the boat and bring.. nothing. Not-even-a-single-tiny-fish (plus he lost his snorkel) :|

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