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Love in Gili Lawa


Here is one of my most favourite place in Komodo; A scenic landscapes with multiple stunning perspectives which are available to explore. I made a special request from my boat captain to spend sunset and sunrise in this spot and that decision is as sweet as I can imagine. You will surely enjoy it whether you are a photographer, nature lover, selfie taker or just someone without any particular things to do (Yes, I am just repeating the previous statement...) I will explain further on below for several alternative spots that you can dig out in Gili Lawa.

Peak No. 1

Well, basically I just name it myself Peak no.1 just for easier identification. When you are there in Gili Lawa, you may notice that there are 2 reachable peaks. The peak no.1 is the highest one. As soon as you landed on its beach, just go straight and follow a small trek to the middle hill. Walk for around 20 minutes and you will be on the highest land in Gili Lawa. This spot is suitable for sunset as  it is located right on the west side of the island. 

Another kind of scene that I love when I was on this first hill is a view of those small other travelers on the neighborhood hill.

You may notice from google, or perhaps once you get there, that the 2nd peak is much more popular for visitors. The reason simply because the track is shorter and somehow, the view is more magnificent.

However you don’t want to miss this hill if I were you since you are here already. And taking a shot of those small human across with all those sublime hills is just another perspective which is worth to be brought home.

I don’t know about you guys but I love to take an image which represent how powerless - and small - we are.

Below are several captures that I treasure from my last visit in Gili Lawa.

Gili Lawa Sunset
Gili Lawa Darat
Sunset at Gili Lawa
Top of Gili Lawa
Gili Lawa Peak


Nope, not yet. Take a small walk to the back side of this peak and you can see a miniature of stone-henge, or temple, or whatever you may call it.

I don’t know who did this but it is amazing!

Someone must have nothing to do for hours but anyway, he created something which is worth to take selfie with. Go get to this place before you continue wandering for the next hill.

Stone Henges at Gili Lawa
Temple at Gili Lawa
Gili Lawa Black & White

Peak No. 2

Now we continued our walk to pay a visit to the 2nd peak. There is a quite steep hill along the way and this is another reason why it is better if you take the highest (the 1st) peak first. When confronting a steep path, it is better if you just descend right, rather than to ascend?


Here, you may also find a typical stone-henge miniature – just much smaller – like as you saw on the first peak. Since the hill is facing east, actually this peak is best for sunrise. However Gili Lawa is too damn awesome in every condition of light, or weather, and still everything will be pretty much look gorgeous from here. All of those parking boats, green-blue bay plus the additional sexy tone from sunset really make the scene becomes so adorable. I coincidentally met a couple there so it can fulfill my imagination of a romantic Gili Lawa. Yeah, me and my tripod.. with a romantic couple.

Gili Lawa Sunset
Gili Lawa Darat
Gili Sunset
Love at Gili Lawa

I returned to the boat which was just positioned not far from the beach there, to have a dinner and rest. I actually had an idea that it will be fun if I set a camp on top of that peak and hunt for some milky-way shots. However, it was not a good season for this as the moon was brightly shining during that moment. Next time I guess, next time I’ll be back there.


Woke up at 5AM, I proceeded again to hunt for sunrise view out there. But now, my intention is only to the 2nd peak – with a further exploration for sure. Even though there are several other boats nearby, but I guess that waking up early and go trekking in the morning is not always a preferable choice to replace a sounded sleep, and that’s why I found myself alone that time. Well, actually, I am not that alone, I brought one of the boat crew just to assist me to take care my belongings while I randomly had a walks on top. Hmm, yeah you're right that I didn't bring him literally. He walked by himself. :|


I went through more to the south as I saw a beautiful bay concealed back there. There is no clear path to that area but the slope is mild and it is pretty much accessible although you are currently off the track. I simply going anywhere as I enjoy breathing the current fresh atmosphere it provides. The scene is doubtfully amazing, and if you already started your day with such a great morning, can you expect any bad day for the next 24 hours?

Hidden Bay at Komodo
Morning Gili
The Gili Stones
Gili Lawa Sunrise
Sunrise at Gili Lawa

Start Sailing...

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