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Arrive at Maratua

Destination is Well Set

Why Maratua?

Things to consider

Welcome to Maratua Atoll, the place where all the jewelries are laying across. This island is certainly my favourite among others simply because there are much more tourism spot diversities here. The beach line is amazing. The island also has various choices of spectacular underground blue lagoons. Note as well that jellyfish lake is also available in Maratua.


The island is also strategically situated close to Kakaban & Sangalaki, makes Maratua become a smart accommodation choice due to its short sailing distance between each islands. And the other ultimate reason why I spent most of my days here during my last visit is because the underwater scenery beneath Maratua water is too damn gorgeous. You need to be informed as well that there are several outstanding choices of deluxe resort available either in Maratua, Nabucco & Nunukan island - which all of them are located in Maratua Atoll.

Maratua Beach

Beach Walk at Maratua Paradise

Despite of those exceptional tourism destination, I could understand well why this Maratua doesn’t get as much as popularity as other island. Perhaps the first reason is because the island is located remotely far from main land - makes the transportation cost become more expensive rather than to visit & stay in Derawan. From Tanjung Batu, you need to spend around 1500k IDR to charter a 3-pax speedboat for 2-2.5 hours sail distance.


Well, seems that you come to the right blog. Why? because you don’t need to worry about this anymore since I managed to find another cheaper way - actually far more cheaper - to get to the island. Yes, people of Maratua basically have a regular speedboat run from Berau to Maratua which costs you only around 250k. Sweet, right? More explanation is available on the last page, so stay tune until we meet up again there

Maratua Village

Plenty of accommodation choices are available at Teluk Harapan Village

There is another concern also about the accommodation price here in Maratua which is seen a bit more pricey than in Derawan. A regular homestay on the beach area is priced for 350k / night where in Derawan you can possibly get a comfortable cottage by the sea with the same budget. Why so expensive? Well, this happens actually with a reason. For most of the area in Maratua - especially in Teluk Harapan Village - electricity is not supplied by the government so they need to use their own generator to provide this needs. Means that there is more operational cost and note that electricity only available from 6PM - 6AM, except on the Maratua Paradise Resort & other resorts. Now you get it right?

There are 4 villages which are scattered across Maratua Land. Teluk Harapan is situated on the center and it is the village where Maratua Paradise Resort is located. I think this would be the village that you will visit for the first time as soon as you arrive at Maratua.


Further to the south, there will be Payung-Payung & Bohe Silian village. Teluk Alulu village is available nearby Nabucco Resort as you explore more to the east.

Bohe Silian Kid

A land where dogs & kids can't be happier

Last Note

Anyway, instead of sweating my mind for this accommodation price differences, I still enjoy & would prefer to set my main destination here in Maratua, - rather than in Derawan - because its strategic spot simply cut my traveling time across the islands significantly. I’d like to say also that in my opinion, Maratua is the real celebrity compared to other islands in term of everything! Be informed that airport construction is currently on-going & the land is now famous among investors. I can imagine what will happen for the next few years since almost all the seaside land are sold already. So when the condition is not pretty much touristic now in Maratua, what are you waiting for then?


Maratua article is not on an end yet. Continue to the next page and you will get a more detailed review for each excurcions (beach, land & underwater). I am pretty much happy to spend almost 2 weeks here in Maratua & I'd hope that you will feel same as well. An endless adventure lies ahead there at Maratua & actually, there are still a lot of places that yet to be explored.

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