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Set back while Sunset

Sunset at Teluk Sulaiman

Closing - Time is passing and changes are inevitable

a traveler's note

There it is, 4 days in Biduk-Biduk and I felt totally refreshed. Thanks to the friendly atmosphere provided by the long line of coconut trees which are leaning across from both sides of the road. It is so quiet and so inspiring, as I took a small walks through the afternoon, simply just to breathe the environment. It is so different. It is so peaceful.


In one evening, I headed to Teluk Sulaiman to get a view of its sunset. When I arrived, I saw that a lot of people were gathered there either for fishing, chatting or playing volleyball. The kids were also playing their own games, not so far from where their parents enjoy the evening. They said that it happens every evening where they relieved their day stresses by simply hang-out together. They all laughed along the game and it is so interesting to me to see this kind of delightful folks. 


Back on my childhood time, we were supposed to gather as well either to play soccer, volleyball or badminton every evening, kids and adults - altogether. But it is not anymore today. The kids were playing their gadget and the adults ain’t got no time at all for social visit. The soccer field is abandoned & lawn is not mowed anymore. The badminton court is gone. And a security post is now constructed on the location of where the volleyball court was there before. The social life in the city is now changed. I knew that the change is inevitable, however by looking at this scene in Teluk Sulaiman, a place which is very far from the city that I grew up, I felt a deep nostalgia.

Dayak Kids at Teluk Subang

This is the same nostalgia feeling that I sensed when I saw how cheerful the Dayak Kids were while playing their toys.

I missed my childhood moments, a bliss and cheerfulness that we took for granted that day, when nowadays it is not belong to us anymore. I am not sad, nor happy. I realise that this is the price that we shall pay for the advancement we received. But I feel glad that as long as I keep traveling, I still could go back to this kind of scene no matter how much changes that have impaired my society.


The world is indeed large, and there are plenty of alternatives that you can excerpt here as long as you are always opened to a new possibility, a new adventure. The folks of Teluk Sulaiman silently taught me that there are always a part of your family, friends or any kind of nature representatives that will keep you reminded for any things that you have taken for granted. A seed of gratitude is a seed of happiness itself. So just keep on traveling and let the world keep you reminded for the things you shall grateful for.

- End

Mangrove Forest - Sigendis

Mangrove Forest - Sigendis

Sigendis Mangrove Forest - The sky is clear and the forest reflection is superb! You can see another capture of mind on the bottom side of page 1.

The boat pace was slowed down and Agus, the boatman, asked me to get alerted since we are now on Turtle Area. Of course that turtle is not dangerous, he just wanted me to notice when the turtles are around. Yes I could spot more than 10 turtles right away. Agus also offered me to go snorekeling if I want to, which was then I answered “No thanks, it is good already to see it from the surface”. Fuck Snorekeling :|


Then we begun to enter the mangrove area. Damn! I never expected that going to mangrove forest would be this interesting. The water trails is so clear until I can see the reflections of the forest on it. Putu, a dive guide whom I met before in Maratua told me that this mangrove forest has numerous amount of species which are clustered to a compact area - made this kind of forest is considered unique and not so easy to be found in other region. He said that besides Labuan Cermin, Sigendis is another spot that you SHOULD visit if you are happened to be in Biduk-Biduk. I don’t know anything at all about mangrove species, but I will repeat it again that I never thought or expected before if visiting a mangrove forest can be this excited!

Budget and Contact Details

Reaching Biduk-Biduk

From Berau:

Travel [Shuttle Car] Berau to Biduk-Biduk for 5-6 hours.

Contact: Zaenal (+62853-9356-3130)

IDR 150k - 200k Depending on how many people that will go to Biduk-Biduk during one trip.

Depart on afternoon from Berau.


From Samarinda:

Travel [Shuttle Car] Samarinda to Biduk-Biduk for 12-13 hours.

Contact: +62813-2159-9992

IDR 300k-350k

Note: It will not be an easy trip. The road is mostly damaged & there will be 6 pax packed in one Avanza car. Please to consider as well their hand-carried luggages.


Getting Around


   - Mayang Sari: +62852-4741-8303 (IDR 200k)

   - Miranti: +62812-5392-2468 (IDR 200k-250k)

   - Selvia: +62812-5880-2020 / +62813-4783-8155 (IDR 200k)



1. Electricity is only from 6PM - 6AM. Room is equipped with AC.

2. Breakfast is included.

3. Mobile phone network is not stabil here - or I can say that it's quite bad - so just don't             expect that you will get a good internet connection. However, chat application shall work       properly. On my last visit, the network even lost for around 3 days and that's why                     everything becomes so peaceful.

4. Motorcycle rental: IDR 50k/day.

5. Local warung is available around but not that close. You may actually just borrow a                  motorcycle from the homestay owner if you just want to go outside to get some meals.

6. You can also ask the homestay owner to prepare the meals for you if you stay there in a           group.

7. To get a full benefit of Biduk-Biduk peaceful atmosphere, I suggest you to take a morning     or evening walk for around 30 minutes. Just go around and around, from the main street       to the beach.


Labuan Cermin

- Boat transfer to the lake will cost you IDR 100k / boat / 10pax.

- Traveling alone? No problem, you can just wait on the warung just before the boat's pier to    get some other travelers for cost sharing. Just need to be noted that during a low season,        somehow the boatmen will not be happy if they know that you join other travelers for cost      sharing, hence keep a low profile and don't expose them if you are traveling alone. Yeah I      know it does not make sense.

- Snorekeling equipment rental: IDR 30k.

Island Hopping

- Daytrip package for Teluk Subang, Kaniungan Besar & Mangrove Forest Sigendis will cost      you IDR 500k / boat / 12pax.

   Contact: Agus (+62823-5361-9410)

- Add another IDR 100k if you opt to also visit Kaniungan Kecil Island.

- Try to bargain with the boatman so the price will include the snorekeling gear rental. If not    then you need to add aditional IDR 25k / set.


Teluk Subang.

- Options to reach Dayak Village:

   1. Walk: 45 - 60 minutes.

   2. Motorcycle rental or ojek for IDR 50k (2 ways).

   3. Motorcycle with cart for IDR 15k / pax (1 way).

- Local guides, either from Teluk Subang Village or Dayak Village will cost you around IDR     100-120k. If you are happened to be accompanied by local kids - like in my case - then it is     up to you how you would say thanks to them.

- Bring enough water and snack if you'd like to visit either 1st or 2nd waterfalls. The trail is a    bit challenging and there are plenty of thorns. Using a long sleeve clothes & long pants            would be a smart pick. Trekking shoes or sandals are also recommended to be used.

- The bottomline is, the trail is not made for leisure. It is a real jungle exploration even              though the path is well seen already. Prepare every necessary supplies & gears for safer          trip.


Kaniungan Island.

- We are actually here for lunch and snorekeling.

- Grilled fish (which I'd recommend it to you) is priced around IDR 50k.

- Other than that, happy snorekeling! *be cautious with stingrays. There are plenty of them      camouflaged on the seabed sand. 

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