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a book

Updated: Aug 27, 2022

a book is window of knowledge. but what is knowledge?

knowledge is an insight to see further. but why do you want to see further?

seeing further is an act of freedom? an expression of detaching itself from binding perception?

but what is wrong to be imprisoned, if that is exactly what brings you a joy through an innocent and sterile experiences.

or does a book is a food of an ego? a mere statistical value to quantify your knowledges?

a passport to boast and justify your logical capability?

it is hurt to admit but i sense truth on all of the above ‘assumed answer’. it is hurt to admit that again, book is another escape goat to seek a credibility within my existence.

it is not about knowledge to see further, said my other self.

it is a light to see deeper through your inner. he insisted that the outer world is as unknown as the inner self. Maybe you always think that you need to understand yourself in order to conform the outer space and its laws. To cope, adapt and survive the society with its prejudice and predicament.

But no, it is always the other way around, he continued. You shall read the symbols that are bestowed upon you from the conscious world you live in, then transform that symbol into a light that guides your venture into your own inner world. You barely understand yourself, you know nothing about you and you can't simply learn what you want and what you are without decipher the symbols that are available from the outer worlds.

that is why you read a book.

that is why you got to unlearn everything through the book.

book is to unlearn, then to learn.

originally written on Oct 15th 2020 at 5.21AM


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