springs & some natural sauna stations. We went through inside the cave there for another 1 hour of sauna. Locals believe that bathing inside the cave can clean you up from many diseases. What I believe that it was damn fresh after taking a relaxing sauna inside the cave.


This is a kind of simplicity that I talk about. I only have tent, sufficient supplies, books & that's all - yet I feel so complete & totally happy during my days there at Segara Anak. I listed down all the things I did inside the yellow box above, nothing more or less. I know that those things are so simple & it doesn't make sense that the feeling can become that awesome without me trying to dramatize it. I don't know but I just feel so refreshed there.


Maybe because I couldn't expect more, then I feel that I shall take whatever things I have at the moment. It is good to have Wifi, but because it is just impossible so I spend my times chatting with new people I met there. Had a barbeque for dinner will be wonderful but I would be happy to have a small fish soup for dinner because that is the

I filled my morning by either fishing or reading book. If you can hold its cold temperature, then jumping into the lake can be an option as well. For me, I prefer the hotspring. Just before 12AM, we went down through the hotspring river just about 10 minutes from the camping ground by the lakesides. There is a small falls where a natural pond is created as its reservoir where we were spending another 2 hours during that lazy day.


Then we explore another way around through the mystical cave located about 40 minutes of trekking from the lake. It was there when we met some locals which currently 

having a several days of pray there - searching for either health or nature bless. That spot also has several hot

only thing in my plate. It tastes great though because I couldn't expect more and I wouldn't. And when I stop expecting, somehow I feel relieved & grateful for all that I had.


Another bullshit or cliche? Yes. But this is the intention why you need an escape for the first place. Society chases us to persue big things, until we forget all the small things that we currently own. You are never satisfy, because as your goals are accomplished, there is always a new bigger goal that grab our attention. Therefore, we lost focus for what we already have & simply do not appreciate its value. By then, we lost the sophistication of simplicity. It is only when you can't expect more anyhow, or when you lost some of those 'small' things, then you are forced to put your attention there - realizing its value - which is no small at all. Because I believe there is no such things as 'small' things, since every particular item has their own unique value. It is your perspective that make it comparable. Well, as long as it will not make any  harm to others, then there is also no such wrong perspective. But, if I may convey a suggestion to you

Friendly Chat

My daily view during morning at Segara Anak. People were fishing, chatting & relaxing. The fresh atmosphere & its magical scenery make every morning becomes special.