Morning arises. a 50 years old-looked man comes, using flip-flops, thin with dark skin tones, he smiles upon me and asking for my luggage. Yes, my guide tell me that he is our porter. People calls him Amaq or father. He said, despite of his appearance, he is one of the strongest one. I can't argue with that since he himself taking care a luggage around 20kg, in his age, and he still committed to take a fasting. Without any food or drink, he starts his 6-7 hours trekking ahead of us so he can prepare our provision and tent before our arrival. He does really made me amazed.

Rinjani Porter,

Barefooted, or sometimes by having flipflops, the porters start their trekking while lodging stuffs around 20-25kg on their shoulders.

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Rinjani Peak