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About Me


Me, at a glance

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* = Claimed by himself.

** = Also claimed by himself.

*** = Awarded by himself.

Born in 90's, he was first introduced to DSLR Camera System in Mid 2013. Passionate in landscapes field, he is known to be the best photographer (in his family). His unusual talent* & exceptional works** made him awarded to be the most awesome photographer of the year.***


His clients are diverse & numerous (for most of the times, he helps his friends to edit/retouch their selfie photos - for free - and sometimes his friends didn't even use it. They prefer using VSCO). His works also been noticed on several famous publications (all is his own social media profiles), websites (his own website) and received tremendous good feedbacks (like 12 loves in Instagram - after 2 days - & some inspiring comments such as "good shots" or "very nice! please follback").


He is willing to thrive & excel in photography by downloading free tutorial & giveaway photoshop actions. He is also being active in several photography communities by giving a comprehensive photo critiques such as "amazing!" or "great photo". His love in photography makes him dedicate most of his time (maximum only 2 hours a week, period) to provide great update on his website so this will stand useful for the readers.


Last note, he does making music as well - despite that he can barely play any music instrument - at all. 

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Yeah, that's it..

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